Permaculture Design Course

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An image from a student’s design for a local property

Permaculture Design Course

Our course in Permaculture Design has been running for several years with very appreciative students. Tutors Sam Downing, Ian Lillington and Beck Lowe guide the group through a 16-week course (96 hours in total) that will change your life!

We regularly make field trips to local properties that demonstrate the topics we are focusing on in class. The course covers the standard syllabus of a permaculture design course which includes ethics, design principles and theory on topics including soils, water, energy, building, animals, intensive gardens, orchards and broadacre farms. Each week we offer suggested readings to course participants and occasional small exercises. The main study load comes in the last weeks as students work on a design project for presentation on the last day of the course. Our  tutors are responsive to the needs of the students and the time spent in study outside of class is largely up to the individual student.

Our tutors
Beck Lowe, Ian Lillington and Sam Downing: our tutors



Venue: Castlemaine Community House, 65 Templeton St, Castlemaine


For details of the next course, contact Castlemaine Community House phone: 5472 4842 or email:

We have a certificate course (Permaculture Cert III) which you can take after (or in some cases alongside) this course. Details are here.

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