Cherry pickingThe Harvest Group – harvesting and sharing excess backyard produce within and amongst the community; sharing gardening skills through workshops, classes and caring for local fruit trees; and much more.


A child among the applesHow to be involved

GROWER: If you live within 20km of Castlemaine and your fruit trees produce more than you can handle, read on!

HARVESTER: Help to harvest and prune fruit trees, and you get a share of the fruit and free training in fruit tree maintenance. (Harvesting: January – June; maintenance: July – October).

HARVEST TEAM LEADER: Want more? Lead harvest and pruning sessions as part of the core Harvest group and you’ll receive free additional training: a harvest induction, how to teach pruning, a Senior First Aid Certificate course and a police check.

Email harvestga@gmail.com or call 0456 951 246 if you’re interested in being a Harvest Team Leader.

KEEP INFORMED: Growing Abundance sends a fortnightly email newsletter with details of all harvest and pruning events, workshops, bottling and preserving days and seasonal fruit growing tips. Email us and we will add you to our mailing list!

RECEIVE FRUIT: If you are connected to a local community organisation that could use harvested fruit in some way please email harvestga@gmail.com or call 0456 951 246

If you want more information, please contact Sas Allardice harvestga@gmail.com or call 0456 951 246.


Information sheets for backyard fruit growers

You can download the following information sheets:

A harvesting team of all ages

Harvesting together is fun!

More about the Harvest Group

The Harvest Group links local people who are growing food and those who want to eat it. Enlisting volunteers, we harvest excess fruit and care for fruit trees growing on local private and public land.

Among other fun things, the Harvest Group also runs a series of affordable seasonal workshops to train volunteers and community members in skills relevant to fruit tree growing and maintenance and natural pest control.