Taradale School at Community Lunch

The Community Lunch . . . by Mollie from Taradale Primary School

Yesterday our school got invited to the Old Castlemaine Gaol for the ‘Community Lunch’. A mini bus came and picked us up at 12 o’clock. Our bus driver was called Iain. When we got there, we had to line up to get our lunch. There were over 100 people there. For lunch we had polenta, silverbeet, sweet potato and salad. For dessert we had rice pudding. We all went to have a look at the cells. We saw the rope they used to hang people on and it was really thick. At 2 o’clock Iain came back to pick us up and took us back to school.

Taradale School at Community Lunch

CHRIS BURGESS and his students DARBY, KARI, MANI CAI, MARCUS, MOLLIE, TIM and TJALURRI at the Castlemaine Community Lunch.

 “My mum and nan came too. It was fun. Thank you for having us.” Darby

“We had pumpkin and salad. The salad had lettuce, capsicum, cucumber with vinegar for dressing. When ManiCai and I went to the toilet we went under the gallows.” Kari

“I liked the polenta chips and carrots. Lunch was fun, but the gaol was scary.” Marcus

 “We had salad with tomato. We had rice pudding and cinnamon. We also went and looked at the cells. In one of them there was a black cardboard lady. I got scared because I  thought it was a ghost. I thought the place was haunted. We also saw where people were hanged. It was fun.” ManiCai

” We ate polenta for lunch and for dessert we had rice pudding. There were over 100 people at the lunch.” Tim

“For lunch there was lettuce, polenta, tomato, avocado and celery and I liked it. The dessert was rice pudding, cream and cinnamon. We had a look inside the jail. It was really scary. I saw a painted lady and we all got so scared. We screamed and ran.” Tjalurri