Meditation Healing Course – 6 weeks

A meditation course for people with serious illnesses, their carers, family and friends.  Please note you do not have to have an illness to participate, open to all.

The course emphasises the practice of meditation in daily life, with a particular focus on developing qualities that can enhance the healing process.

Healing, in this context, refers to working with and healing the mind.

The material taught in the course has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism. Discussions and meditations are presented inclusively to everyone, whether one has a spiritual tradition or not.

1) Introduction to Meditation

  • Why meditate?
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Healing and meditation

2) Meditation

  • Deepening the practice
  • Types of meditation

3) Precious Human Life

  • How to use it well
  • Understanding impermanence

4) Loving Kindness & Compassion

  • Methods to develop these qualities

5)  Universal Compassion

  • Taking love & compassion further

6) Deepening Your Practice in Daily Life

  • Setting up your daily practice

The course is facilitated by Nic Aunger  (0402 195 514) A professional counselor, spiritual care practitioner, Buddhist Chaplain, and experienced meditator. And Kerry Calkroft (0428 591 393) Registered nurse (div 1), shiatsu practitioner, Buddhist student and experienced meditator.



When:  Wed 14th Feb – Wed. 21st March (6 weeks)
Time: 11:00am – 1:30pm
Where: Castlemaine Community House, 65 Templeton St, Castlemaine.
Cost: $120 full, $100 concession

Bookings are essential so please contact reception on 5472 4842 or email, or follow the online booking link below.

Online Booking:

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