Money Management for Women – Wednesday May 11th


The next in our series of ‘Mainely For Women’ workshops is

‘Money Management for Women’.

Many women can struggle with household budgets, school fees, unexpected financial costs and just staying out of the red! Finance coach, Liz Mellor will facilitate this workshop that will assist women to learn strategies to better manage their money.

Some of the areas that Liz will explore are –

  1. Developing a reflective money practice including bringing an awareness to current habits and circumstances and exploring your personal money history in a confidential environment.
  2. Tracking your Spending
  3. Money Planning – the importance of planning your spending
  4. Staying in Touch – identifying resistance and stumbling blocks that prevent you moving forward financially
  5. Techniques to keep you motivated!


More about the workshop facilitator – Liz Mellor (BSc Dip Hon) has trained with the Financial Recovery Institute and runs her own business Seventh Sense Money Coaching. She is trained in group facilitation and has an extensive background in managing this often difficult issue.


We realise that some mothers may want to join this workshop but are caring for young children. Please notify us if this is the case as we maybe able to arrange childcare during the workshop. Please let reception know if this is the case and our community development worker will follow this up with you.


When: Wednesday May 11th

Time: 10-12pm

Cost: gold coin donation

Venue: CCH




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