Who Does What: Staff And Volunteers

Castlemaine Community House has a small team of paid workers, each of whom works at the House for a limited number of hours each week. In addition to the Manager, who can be contacted by email: manager@cch.org.au, there is a coordinator for the funded education programs (contact by email: education@cch.org.au) and one for the fee-for-service classes and community activities (contact by email: community@cch.org.au).

We also have a bookkeeper, and a paid worker to run each of the Centrelink Agency and the NILS program. (nils@cch.org.au)

Everyone else you might see at the House is a volunteer!

The House therefore exists and remains a viable entity only because of the involvement of volunteers. Volunteers work in many capacities and are the backbone of the organisation.

Many roles overlap and the emphasis is on teamwork.

As a volunteer for Castlemaine Community House, all volunteers need to understand their rights and responsibilities, the values that Castlemaine Community House espouses and the ethics that underpin the Neighbourhood House movement.

Volunteers are encouraged to show initiative and are ably supported by the paid staff and the Committee of Management. Wherever possible, volunteers are rewarded through training, acknowledgement and celebration.

If you are interested in taking on a volunteer role please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the Castlemaine Community House, Kelsey Docherty:

Phone (03) 5472 4842 or email customerservice@cch.org.au