Contemporary Watercolour: Within this 5 session course you’ll have developed and honed your skills with watercolour techniques, discover how to “paint light” and have fun experimenting with mixed-media, templates and calligraphy. Enjoy the art of Watercolour with Eleni! ....for more info or to book.

Creative Kids Zone: Nurture the creativity in your little person with these after school sessions of gently guided artistic exploration and expression. *for kids aged 5 – 8 years. ….for more info or to book.

Introduction to Watercolour: Begin, or extend, your understanding and skills with watercolour painting, with the gentle guidance of Eleni. This one day workshop will have you immersed in watercolours. Only 1 place remaining! ….for more info or to book.

Life Drawing: Using both traditional and experimental drawing techniques and a variety of mediums, each session takes you on a different road of discovery that not only gets you drawing the human figure more confidently but brings forth possibilities for dynamic and exciting drawing. Suitable for all levels of ability and beginners are most welcome. ….for more info or to book.

Self Expression Through Art: This 6 week course guides participants in exploring, expressing and connecting… with your self, your art, your range of expression through art. Catherine invites interested participants of all levels, skills and techniques to engage with this journey of artistic self-expression. ….for more info or to book.

Tuesday Studio: The program offers emerging/beginning artists an opportunity to develop their ideas, themes and techniques in a studio environment with emerging artists and established and practicing artists acting as tutors. The program will have a mentoring quality tailored to individual student needs. ….for more info or to book.

Young Artist Program: Don’t ask what they’re going to be doing in this art course, just sign up and enjoy your kids enjoying the process… *for kids aged 9 – 13 years. ….for more info or to book.