Coping with Climate Change

In this workshop participants will develop an understanding of the psychological skills needed to respond in a flexible and adaptive way to climate threats and to look after their mental health in a changing climate.

Participants will learn techniques for making room for uncomfortable feelings, free themselves from self-defeating thoughts and urges, cultivate a perspective of active hope, and increase their capacity to be present and focus on what matters in the context of the climate emergency.

The class includes a mixture of experiential exercises, pair and group discussions, and a bit of theory to help put the skills into context.

Date: Wednesday 11th March.
Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
Where: Castlemaine Community House.
Cost: $15 (Full) / $10 (Concession)

Tutor: Dr Susie Burke PhD FAPS

Dr Susie Burke is an environmental psychologist, therapist, climate change campaigner and parent, currently working in private practice in Castlemaine.  She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, and author of the Climate Change Empowerment Handbook and other articles and resources on the psychology of climate change.  She consults, and runs workshops and individual sessions to help people cope with and come to terms with climate change, with a particular interest in how to raise children in and for a climate altered world.