Environment & Sustainability


Beeswax Wrap Workshop: Easy to use, easy to make, wax wraps help to reduce the amount of plastic in the home. ….for more info or to book.

Carpentry for Absolute Beginners: Learn the basic skills of carpentry! ….for more info or to book.

DIY Crochet Dish Cloth: Learn the basics stitches by making a handy dishcloth. ….for more info or to book.

E-Bike Information Session: Learn about the in’s and out’s of e-bikes, what to look for, what’s important for you individually, what’s the bling you don’t really need to be paying for and how to really get the most out of your e-bike! ….for more info or to book.

Make Your Own Skincare Products: Experience the joy of making your own organic skin care products for healthier skin. ….for more info or to book.

Natural Building Course: this is a through and highly practical introduction to the world of natural building.  …..for more info or to book.

Natural Hair-Care & Medicinal Products: This workshop is designed to help you take care of yourself and your hair without resorting to expensive alternatives. ….for more info or to book.

Permaculture: Focuses on solutions for creating sustainable human settlements – it covers design skills, systems thinking, food growing, building design and community strategies, as well as small scale agricultural practices, animal husbandry, efficient water use and alternative energy sources.  ….for more info or to book.

Spring Preparation: Prepare your fruit trees for Spring! ….for more info or to book.

Sustainability & Self Sufficiency Info Session: This information session describes one way to trend more lightly on this earth. It is also a healthy way to live for you and your family. ….for more info or to book.


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