Lacto-Fermentation: Food & Drinks

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Learn the basic principles of safe, small batch, vegetable fermentation!

This workshop will cover basic sauerkraut making as well as fermenting to harvest the brine.

You will learn how to make Gut Shots, small drinks of probiotic goodness to be drunk neat, as a cordial, or mixed to make cocktails e.g dirty martinis and champagne cocktails.

The class will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking, as well as some tasting.

You will leave the class with recipes, a jar of prepared vegetables with a water air lock and best of all inspiration to experiment and create your own signature food or drink.

A minimum deposit of 25% must be paid before 28th January to secure a place in this course!

Date: Wednesday, 4th March
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Where: Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street.
Cost: $80. (full) / $70. (Concession or Early Bird Discount. EBD available until 12th February).

Tutor: Vensa Majchrzak.

Of Croatian heritage, with Polish extend family Vesna was able to learn the ancient art of preserving and enriching food from the elders still practicing traditional techniques in Newcastle N.S.W. Early study and working life started for her as a pathology technician in Biochemistry and Microbiology laboratories, giving Vesna the fundamental understanding of the exciting process involved in the creation of fermented food. Art study took her to other parts of the world, along the way discovering new flavours and traditional practices used in making fermented foods.

Vensa started her business Pantry Culture in Taradale Victoria, to promote the craft of small batch home fermenting while continuing to experiment with new techniques and flavours using the vegetables grown in her ever expanding garden.