Parent Workshop: Kids, Climate, COVID

Parents are confronted by many challenges in their efforts to provide their children with the best possible opportunities for their future health, happiness, and success. This year, the coronavirus has been one of these challenges, and families have been stretched in new and extraordinary ways to nurture their children in varying stages of lockdown. But parents have always also thought about longer-term factors that will impact on their children’s future. Climate change is still the most certain, wide-ranging, and pervasive of these issues. Many parents are seriously concerned about the many ways climate change will affect their children, and recognise that the world their children will grow up in will be changed dramatically.

This workshop is for parents who are concerned about the impacts of climate change on their children, and who would like to explore with others ideas for how to support their children to cope with climate change now and in the future.

Please note: this workshop this workshop is aimed at parents/carers only.

Date: Sunday 8th November
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Where: Castlemaine Botanical Gardens
Cost: $15 (full) / $10 (concession)

Tutor: Dr. Susie Burke PhD FAPS – Environmental Psychologist.

Susie Burke is a psychologist looking at ways of using psychological knowledge to enhance community wellbeing. A key interest is in how to promote the role that psychology plays in helping us understand the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change and other environmental threats, including natural disasters and emergencies. She runs webinars and workshops, and writes articles, tip sheets and other resources on these topics. Her present interests are on coping with climate change, and raising children to thrive in a climate-altered world. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, and an Al Gore trained Climate Reality presenter. She is the past National Convenor of Psychologists for Peace and regularly consults as a mediator and facilitator for groups. Susie lives in a low-energy house in a Shire in Central Victoria and is currently raising bike riders, school strikers and fruit trees.


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