Plant Based Cooking

This course will equip you with all you need to include more plant-based foods in your diet.

Current research indicates the average Australian does not include enough variety of vegetables in their daily diet. Learn how to stock your pantry to make it easy for you to add variety to your daily meals, how to create a balanced daily diet without feeling like meat is missing or finesse your current plant based menu. We will make sauces, smoothies, desserts and meals that are easy and accessible. Get inspired! 

Week 1: Stocking your pantry, including smoothies and sauces – including nutritional tips for creating balanced meals without meat or animal products.

Week 2: Easy Lunches – create healthy lunches to take you through your day without energy dips.

Week 3: Dinners: Balanced meals to support rest and fulfill our body’s nutritional needs.

Week 4: Desserts without guilt. Create sugar free, gluten free desserts and snacks.

Week 5: Learn all about getting the most from your food, from fermentation to simple ways of reversing the ‘anti-nutrients’ that are present in many plant foods. We explore how to construct meals and make them more nourishing everyday.

A minimum deposit of 25% must be paid before 29th April to secure a place in this course.

Date: Mondays, 4th May – 1st June.
Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Where: Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street.
Cost: $250 (Full) or $230 (Concession)

Tutor: Nikki Valentini – The Local Foodivore

Nikki has worked for over 10 years as a chef for health retreats as well as running workshops on preservation, food fermentation, foraging and healthy eating. Balancing food with the seasons, individual lifestyles and life stages is central to her health practice.

She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine and is passionate about the connection between food as medicine, movement for health and connection to self to enhance quality of life. Her background includes permaculture, community development and project management. Nikki specialises in menus to suit individual needs and dietary requirements and is passionate about seasonal and local food as well as indigenous and foraged foods. She currently resides on a 7 acre property with her family and loves to forage wild food and grow vegetables.

Connect with Nikki: or 0407 715 557


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