Qigong 4 Men

“Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercise that will help you combat stress, prevent disease and promote fitness and relaxation.” Quote from ‘Secrets of Qigong’ by Angus Clark. Darling Kindersley Books 2001

Men of the community, do you have old niggles or sports injuries that impact your quality of life? Why not give Qigong a try! A low impact form of physical exercise that can help improve balance and equilibrium and flexibility in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements.

Date: Sundays, 13th October – 15th December (10 sessions)
Time: 10am – 11am
Where: Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street.
Cost: $10. per session or $90. up-front.

Tutor: Tony Robins

Tony has been studying Qigong for a number of years and has recently advanced to the status of instructor under the tutorage of the international renowned Master Liu with the Zi Ran Men Academy in Melbourne. He recently relocated his family to the Castlemaine area and would like to offer his experience as an instructor in Qigong to assist anybody who may like to discover the advantages of this form of exercise.

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A Tradies Life – Tony Robins

I grew up in a large country town in the north east of Victoria where I rode a bike or walked everywhere, swam in summer and played football in winter. When I became successful in obtaining an electrical apprenticeship in Melbourne and I then had to move away from home.

I married and moved to the Mornington Peninsula and commenced playing football once again. Working locally as an electrician I was able to return to bicycle riding, walking, swimming and football as my main forms of exercise. Football injuries were sustained and I was required to have a knee operation in the later stages of my football days. I eventually retired as a player and became a football-trainer to maintain some fitness.

Employment opportunities took me from electrician, a self-employed contractor, site supervisor to electrical estimator etc and many more office-bound jobs followed. My weight ballooned, as I did not have time to exercise and my stress levels began to rise. I needed to find some form of exercise to improve my fitness levels and I discovered Tai Chi;  a simple martial arts form that helps to align the body and relax the mind.

The effects of the occupational and sporting injuries were soon to raise their head, as I discovered I was not able to walk in a straight line. The Tai Chi instructors diagnosed that my hips were out of alignment and I needed to undertake extensive training to rectify my health issue. These injuries were from decades of working as an electrician at heights, on step ladders all day with my legs locked into the ladder frame and a combination of the previous sporting injuries.

Over the next two decades my training expanded to a number of other forms of martial arts, from Tai Chi, Tang So, Wu gong (simple form of karate), Judo and Qigong (to name just a few).