Community Kitchen Garden

The Community Kitchen Garden, as a Castlemaine Community House program, welcomes all folk of all ages, abilities, levels of interest, knowledge & commitment to come by and be a part of it. This can range from rolling up your sleeves and digging through the worm patch, to a bit of light weeding or simply enjoying a warming cup of tea with gardening volunteers in a peaceful environment.

Located at 30 Templeton Street, Castlemaine, it’s a quiet garden spot hidden within the CBD of Castlemaine.

The gardening volunteers meet up every Tuesday & Friday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00pm and you are invited to join in anytime you can.

For further information contact Kez or drop by the Castlemaine Community House for a chat.


Being involved in the garden is wonderful for those who like to meet people without having to sit around making eye contact.  One can talk while working and so it is ‘parallel play’ and ideal for shy people.  It is also ideal for those with energy and who want to see reward for their work.

Growing food is satisfying on all levels.  Many people find it vital for their emotional health.

Being in close contact with the soil and seeds helps ease the nerves and put life in perspective, a little like sky watching!

Personally, I like it because I love feeling involved in a large vegetable garden, which is superbly equipped and well designed and developed.  It does not have overwhelming work load because the load is shared and the boxes are made to minimise weeding.

I love seeing other people there and participating in a co-operative effort toward healthy food! There are no negatives to this endeavour!” – Deborah, Garden Volunteer.