Community Kitchen Garden


The Community Kitchen Garden was created in 2013, as a joint activity with Castlemaine Continuing Education, The Growing Abundance Project and Mount Alexander Shire Council. Located in the very centre of Castlemaine, within 100 meters of the Mount Alexander Shire Council Offices, the Goldfields library, the Town Hall and the Castlemaine Community House, the garden provides a central point accessed regularly by many for morning tea, lunch breaks and general “get me out of the office” moments to relax in a peaceful environment.

Most recently this garden has been tended and nurtured by two keen permaculture enthusiasts, David and John. Their effort and consistency has brought the garden to a new life, as their well considered, and permaculture based, plans have been implemented over the past few months. The result is a garden which reflects extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and a passion for community gardening, as well as displaying the development and ‘big-picture’ approach for the future which has been incorporated into it.

The Community Kitchen Garden, as a Castlemaine Community House program, welcomes all folks of all ages, abilities, levels of interest/knowledge/ commitment to come by and be a part of it. This can range from rolling up your sleeves and digging through the worm patch, to a bit of light weeding or simply enjoying a warming cup of tea with gardening volunteers in a peaceful environment. Located at 30 Templeton Street, Castlemaine, it’s a quiet garden spot hidden within the CBD of Castlemaine.

The gardening volunteers meet up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 12:30pm and you are invited to join in anytime you can.

For further information contact David on  or drop by the Castlemaine Community House for a chat.