That Was Then, This is Now – Tuesdays

Considering the un-lived potentials of our life is reminiscent of an event that took place in the nineteenth century when an ancient Egyptian tomb was opened. In the tomb a portion of a tree was found and embedded in the wood was a seed. The scientists involved in the expedition planted the seed out of curiosity, merely to see if anything would happen. Behold, after three thousand years the seed grew! It had missed its chance to grow in ancient Egypt, but its strength of life remained intact, dormant, waiting for its next opportunity. The parallel is clear between the Egyptian seed and those capacities that have remained unloved on the roads not taken in our lives. Because time has passed them by, we assume that the choices we rejected or waived are now dead and that there is no longer ay potential in them” (Progroff I, 1975, p.125).

Little could any of us have known that as we moved into 2020 our world would become, quite literally, unrecognisable.

One of the prices we pay for living in our modern civilisation is that we can become one-dimensional, specialised in our education, vocations and personalities – set in our way of life. So when, quite suddenly, we are faced with a turning point like this, it can feel as though we have lost the map and are no longer certain about what to do with ourselves.

Are you ready to adapt? Do you want to maintain a connection with like minded people? Do you have a rich inner life? Are you yearning to find a special sanctuary to retreat to? Do you believe that it is possible to honour your lived experiences and use those experiences as leverage to begin living out some long-shelved dreams? Are you a positive thought warrior?

If yes to any of these, strap on your cyber boots and sign up for this online course now!

In this course, we will use a diverse range of techniques to:

  • Cope with this dystopian world where social distancing, stay safe, stay at home, self isolation, quarantine seem to be the most commonly used phrases.
  • Surrender old limitations.
  • Firmly place the past behind us while celebrating the skills we bring from that past.
  • Distance ourselves from the noise being generated by the media.
  • Unlock new life options and hidden talents.
  • Enthusiastically seize the new opportunities that life free from societal constructs offers us.
  • Master the art of joyfully living in the present moment.
  • Revitalise a connection with a symbolic life.

Do not be deterred if you are not technology savvy! We will take slow steps, help one another by phone calls if need be and and gradually make use of all that modern technology has to offer.

Tutor: Heather Blakey.