The Great Escape: Intensive Journal Writing (Afternoon)

“I looked at other journals, notably those of Dostoevsky and Anaïs Nin, and I could see that, for them, the journal was a vehicle that led to greater creativity. But I found that a good many other journals were just diaries: without a project to be done, people’s diaries just went around in circles.” – Ira Progoff

Everyone has a life and that life must be his or her great work of art. Within each of us is an underground stream of images and recollections that is nothing more or less than our interior life. It is within this interior world that we can come to identify who we really are and what our big project is to be.

Cast aside any preconceived ideas you may have about journal writing. Take the quantum leap! Select a journal, pack your creative medicine bag and prepare to go deep within.

Intensive journal writing is quite different from diary writing. There are many good reasons to make the commitment to find sanctuary and to work within a journal. Keeping a journal provides you with the opportunity to; 

  • make it a habit to work with your personal creative partner
  • establish a playground for your right brain
  • exercise all your senses and draw from the well of unconsciousness
  • resolve writer’s block
  • position yourself in the now
  • identify where you fit into the wheel of life.

This journalling course will help almost anyone who wishes to go deep within and explore his or her life as a work of art.

A minimum deposit of 25% must be paid before 9th October to secure a place in this workshop.

Date: Wednesdays 16th October – 4th December (8 weeks)
Time: 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Where: Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street.
Cost: $200 (full) or $180 (Concession or Early Bird Discount. EBD available until 2nd October)

Tutor: Heather Blakey


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