Tuesday Art Studio 2019

Tuesday Studio is a 10 week visual art course where participants will engage in drawing, printmaking, sculpture and painting. The course aims to expand on students’ skills, providing a broad range of approaches to art-making; introducing students to a variety of techniques and mediums both experimental and traditional. This course will appeal to individuals who are looking for access to new techniques and perspectives and to further their studies. This is an excellent follow-up course for graduates of Art Pathways or other art courses although it is not a pre-requisite.

What to expect:

Painting with mixed media, including gouache, acrylic & oils

Making & preparing painting stretchers and traditional gesso grounds

Drawing including life, experimental & research drawing

Sculpting with various media including wood, clay, plaster, found and ready-made materials

Printing Making with multi-block collagraphs and experimenting with a transparent medium

Underlying the course will a grounding in art history, theory and contemporary practice

Tuesday Studio is tutored by experienced teachers and practicing artists, Helen Seligman, Tobias Richardson, Ana Radovcich and Zoe Amor.

A minimum deposit of 25% must be paid before Thursday 24th January to secure a place in this course.

When: Tuesdays  9.30 – 4pm
From: January 29th – April 2nd
Cost: $560 including materials

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