Local Updates

A page to list and illustrate local improvements to accessibility.

Please contact us if you know of an area, place, or service in Mount Alexander Shire that requires improvements in accessibility.
We are interested in your experience, and would like to collect detailed information.

The foyer at Castlemaine Library now has priority seats and charging stations for those with electronic mobility devices….

Greater Bendigo now boasts a fully accessible mobile bathroom called Marveloo, which will be available for hire for events being held throughout central Victoria and beyond.

City of Greater Bendigo Health and Wellbeing Director Vicky Mason said the Marveloo was designed to meet the needs of people with high care needs, profound and multiple learning disabilities, their carers and many other people with a disability who were unable to use standard accessible toilets.

“It has many special features, including a fully accessible toilet, overhead ceiling hoist, height adjustable adult change table, privacy curtains, additional seating, heating and cooling, a safe and clean environment, adequate space, an automatic door, access ramp and an external sun shade,” Ms Mason said.

For more information and booking visit the City of Greater Bendigo website here.